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The chief marketing officer that gets you more clients and customers.

We’re an Australian digital marketing agency and we LOVE working with small businesses like yours. We’ve worked with corporates like Optus, Westpac and Deloitte. But the truth is, NOTHING comes close to the fulfilment that comes from helping local businesses in the community thrive. We’ve seen business owners that were stressed out and anxious become excited and energised shortly after working with us.

We know what it’s like to be a business owner, we know what you’re going through and we know what it takes to market your business. At some point, everyone at Nuver Digital has run their own business and the passion and enthusiasm to help you win, runs through everything we do.

Here’s what our clients have said after working with us

“Thanks Manu and the team for all of your help. We are getting lots of new customers from the new booking system and marketing plan.”

Sarah from Grace Threading & Beauty

“Thanks for your work Nuver Digital, you’re an absolute weapon”

Jaden from Pieman

“Thanks for supporting us and helping us to build this new business. The work has been great and I’m so happy with the results.”

Amy from Gold Hair Collection

“Thanks for your help, it’s a great system. Customers book in automatically."

Christine from Xara Skin Clinic

Here’s why we’re able to get you great results

Fast service gets you great results sooner

Our clients typically start seeing results within two weeks of working together. Executing and launching a marketing campaign takes between 3-7 days and launching a new site takes 4 weeks on average. Our frameworks and processes mean that you get high quality work in short time frames.

Transparency puts you in control

Transparency is one of our highest values. This means you own all of your data, have ownership of your ad accounts and can always see what’s going on. As a business owner, we believe this is your right. Our communication style is to give you updates on the work we’re doing and the results it's getting.

Our mastery of customer psychology gets customers faster

There’s a difference between an ad, and an ad that has a deep understanding of customer psychology. An ad by itself, is merely ticking the box. An ad with customer psychology is an ad that drives revenue and moves the needle for your business. Applying customer psychology to all the services we offer, gets you better results sooner, and for less spend.

Focus on direct marketing instead of branding

Direct marketing gets you customers right here, right now. This means every dollar you spend, puts more dollars back into your pocket. Compare this to branding, where you can spend tens of thousands of dollars and people just know about you, but don’t buy from you. We focus on direct marketing, and while we offer brand awareness services (like social media content), we’re upfront that the money is going to come from direct marketing.

Experienced across a range of industries and verticals

We’ve tested so many different strategies across so many different industries and verticals, it means we’ve got playbooks and processes that allow us to roll out winning campaigns that get you more customers or clients faster. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and bring that expertise to your business.

Nurturing prospects to buy more from you

Someone makes an enquiry to work with you. Great! Someone buys from you for the first time. Excellent. But then what? Many call that a day and consider it a job well done. We take it further. We create nurture sequences, so that anyone that makes contact with your business, is taken on a journey that gets them to know, like and trust you, and ultimately buy more from you.

Narrow focus on what moves the needle NOW

There’s so much you can do with your marketing. And there’s only so much marketing budget. Instead of spending your money on everything, we laser in on the 20% of actions that generate 80% of the results and then, with our speed of execution, we implement those actions right now, so you can get great results right away, and a return on every dollar you spend on marketing.

About Nuver’s Founder

Starting his first business at 19, and selling his first business at 20 years of age, Manu Verma LOVES business and digital marketing. His expertise in digital marketing has led him to work with Optus, Westpac, PWC, Deloitte and QBE Insurance.

As the son of a local business owner, he noticed the super high fees that digital marketing agencies charged and thought there had to be a better way.

With this insight, he created Nuver Digital - a digital marketing agency that gives local businesses quality marketing support at a reasonable price. It’s his joy to see clients go from stressed out, to stable and successful, and see the positive ripple effects it has in the community.

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