Top 5 Must-Have eCommerce Email Sequences

Email marketing is a powerful tool for eCommerce sites. It generates a solid return on investment and is crucial for customer loyalty. You can build your brand, encourage repeat purchases, get better customers — ones that spend more money, provide lasting value, and reach new people all with a simple email sequence. 

Equally exciting is the fact that you can automate the email marketing process. By doing so, you can continually be reaching people while you are busy running your business. By using email marketing software (we recommend Klaviyo), you can set up a sequence of emails, and forget about it while you do your day-to-day tasks. Here are five different types of sequences that are often used in email marketing.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Cart abandonment causes as much as $4 trillion of lost revenue each year. To alleviate this, online retailers use a series of emails to remind their customers of the items in their carts. Start with a series of three emails, and adjust as needed. Send the first one 24 hours after the item is put in their cart, just reminding them that the item is still there. Send a second one 48 hours later to handle any objections that the customer may have thought of, and then the third email 72 hours later, possibly offering a discount if they buy now. Using a series like this can help reduce your revenue lost to cart abandonment.

Browse Abandonment

Similar to cart abandonment, browse abandonment is when a user browses your site, but never puts an item in the cart. You can set up your sequence several different ways for browse abandonment. One sequence can be set up off the homepage for people that hit that page but never go any further. Another sequence can be set up off specific product pages. By using that product in the email sequence, you can bring the customer back to your site for another look.

Customer Winback

Over time, even the best customers start to lose interest in your products. A customer win-back sequence can help reengage them and bring them back to your website. These emails are often sent to customers who haven't opened your other emails in the past 60 to 90 days. This series starts with a reminder email and is followed up with an amazing offer that will get them to click on your email and "win" them back. Some of these series will go as far as informing the customer that they will be unsubscribed. If you choose this route, just be sure to keep your word.

Welcome Series

This first email is one of the most important emails you will send to a customer. This is your chance to "wow" them and create brand loyalty and a lifetime commitment. Your customers have subscribed to something you offered. Now you must sell your brand and solidify your position in their mind. In this 3 to 4-email series, start with welcoming the new person, explain your brand, and give them a reason to be excited. Then offer an incentive to purchase your products. Show your potential customers what they can expect from you and connect with your customers on social media.

Post Purchase

This email series is just as crucial as the welcome series. Your new customer just trusted you enough to buy your product, and now you must deliver the customer experience they are expecting. This series should consist of a thank you and welcome email, followed by a check-in email, asking them about their experience. The third email can be sent shortly after the product arrives to make sure they got it and it was in good condition. Emails four and five can ask for product reviews and contain a promotion for products similar to what they bought.

Using these email sequences will help you stay connected with customers and leads. They will help you grow your brand and your sales, and they will allow you to continue growing your business with success.

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