Top 7 Local Business Digital Marketing Strategies

Some local businesses make the mistake of focusing their efforts and spending on online advertising. Although advertising should be part of your overall marketing strategy, you shouldn’t ignore other channels that can make a substantial difference to the performance of your local business.

To maximise all channels to build local awareness for your business, make sure you implement the following digital marketing strategies:

1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads make it a breeze for businesses to target local audiences. Facebook also offers a wide range of advertising campaign objectives and options to businesses. If your primary goal is to drive awareness about your local business, you can start with a store traffic campaign. This will help showcase your establishment to people near your business location or brick-and-mortar store.

2. Enable local extensions in Google Ads

If you’re already advertising on Google Ads, you can enable local extensions in Google Ads to target your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns locally. These local search ads can get customers to contact your business, drop by your physical store location, or give them more information about your business.

3. Increase traffic with local SEO

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) provides your business the visibility it needs in local search results by adding geographic information about your business in search engine listings. It encompasses all the strategies you employ to take your local audience to your physical store.

By increasing your business’s online visibility, local SEO can drive more local traffic to your physical location. One strategy that’s very effective is by using a consistent NAP; that is, your business name, address, and phone number in different online business citations. These include independent review sites, local business listings, and any relevant directories like Tripadvisor or Zomato.

4. Sign up with Google My Business

Google’s free local advertising tool gets you found on Google Maps, Google Search, and the Google Knowledge Panel. Once your physical address is verified, you can use your Google My Business listing to receive and respond to Google reviews.

You can work on engaging more people and enticing them to visit your physical location by highlighting key features of your business in your Google My Business Profile. You can also utilise the Q&A feature to give people in-depth information about your business and publish photos or post about events and promotions.

5. Utilise email marketing

Email marketing has been one of the older digital marketing strategies that consistently earn businesses high ROI. However, its popularity has been recently overshadowed by other platforms, including social media and SEO. This is not to say that the effectivity of email marketing has waned.

Companies use it for customer retention and engagement via email newsletters, loyalty or reward programs, and holiday messages. Of course, email marketing is still widely used for promotions and special events.

6. Create a company website

If most of your target customers use the internet for searches, you need to be where they are too. Start by building your company website.

As a local business, having a website allows you to build your brand, connect with your audience and promote and sell your products or services. It also lends credibility to your business and gives you an edge when it comes to local searches. However, you must ensure your NAP is exactly the same in your website as it appears on online business listings.

7.  Use content marketing to promote your business

Whether you’re a chef, an expert woodworker, plumber, landscape gardener, or psychologist, you can benefit from content marketing. By sharing your expert knowledge in the form of branded content on local publications, you can build brand awareness.

You can contribute professional advice, educational or informative content to local magazines, newspapers and other publications. You can even create your own blog or vlog channel on YouTube, where you can share helpful tips and information that demonstrate your expertise and the nature of your business.

These digital marketing strategies can effectively help you grow your audience and your business. 

Implement these today to start seeing results.

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