Classic Homeware and Gifts

Skyrocketed their online sales within months of working together


revenue in 4 months


return on advertising spend


month on month growth


return from email marketing

Nuver helped to create our website and do the marketing, and the business is doing great online now.
Classic Homeware & Gifts

Successful in retail, but not online

Classic Homeware and Gifts were doing very well. With ten years of business under their belt, they had 7 retail stores in Sydney, where people loved to shop.

However, no one was buying from their online store. This was concerning. They wanted to expand Australia wide, but without the online store performing, they were held back. They also knew they were missing out on a lot of business and repeat customers.

After looking at their website, it was very easy to see why the store wasn’t performing. It looked outdated, it was very hard to look at products and it was even harder to checkout. They weren’t doing any marketing either, so it was easy to see why their website was gathering dust.

The approach

Adopting the lean startup methodology, we got their new website up AND their marketing up and running within four weeks. This got them instant traction in the market.

To build their website, we used Shopify CMS, which is the best CMS for online stores as it makes it so easy for the customer to view products and checkout. It also integrated with their POS system and made it very easy for them to manage their products and orders.

Then we ran traffic to their store with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, as well as implementing SEO on their site. This immediately brought customers to their store and gave the website traction.

To make the most of this new traffic, we ran remarketing ads so that people who left the site saw ads that reminded them to come back to the store. We ran email marketing as well - reminding people who abandoned their cart to come back, as well as running promotional offers to get people on the database to buy more.

Mitigating the risks

There were risks. The first being that the company had to create new backend processes and logistics to account for sales from the online store, as well as hiring new staff members in the warehouse to deliver the goods. Failure of the online store meant staff losing their jobs, and the initial investment of restructuring the business would go to waste. To mitigate these risks, we built the website for very low cost and scaled advertising slowly. We found what advertising and what products resonated with the market and then slowly scaled the ads from there.

The payoff

The website relaunch and marketing coincided with COVID. Just as all seven stores had to close down, the online store took off. It literally saved their business. In the first month of running marketing, their online shop made $20k in revenue. In month four it made over 6 figures in revenue! They had a 5X return on investment including ad spend and management fees. With the website and marketing funnel that we created, they now have a golden goose that will continue to lay many golden eggs in the future.

How we 5X’d ROI

Lean Startup methodology

This got Classic Homeware and Gifts up and running FAST with their new website and marketing.

Building on Shopify

This got them a world class website that made it super easy for customers to buy from.

Paid Ads funnel

Our funnel got them a flood of new customers with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Encouraging repeat purchases

Remarketing ads and email marketing got people returning to the site to buy some more.

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