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“Thanks for supporting us and helping us to build this new business. The work has been great and I’m so happy with the results.”
Amy from Gold Hair Collection

New venture for a renowned hair salon

Amy, the founder of a renowned hair salon in Brisbane identified a gap in the market. She discovered that many women had a need for ‘hair toppers’ - similar to hair extensions but placed at the top of the head to cover thinning hair. It was a great idea and she knew it had potential, she just didn’t have the time to launch it due to being immersed in her main business.

Starting from scratch

A lot had to be done to make the vision a reality. That’s when she decided to work with us, when she saw we could be her partner to help bring everything to life - from the branding, to the website, their social media profiles and marketing. None of this existed before and we were brought on board to make it happen. We made their logo and launched their site within two months! This was just the start however.

Pop-up shops were used to sell the high ticket item

As the product was new and a high ticket item, the marketing strategy we created was to get people to physically see the product at pop-up shops. As the product was transformative and ’sold itself’ after someone tried it, getting people to demo the product was key. We did this by running a Facebook Ad campaign that got people into a chatbot sequence which told them all about the product and encouraged them to make a booking. We set up an easy booking system that made it super easy for people to make a booking, and built an automated follow up sequence that ensured people came to their appointment.

Loved in the marketplace

The strategy worked. After one pop-up shop had all of its time slots booked, another one was opened, then another one after that. In total, ten pop-up shops were opened and each pop-up shop was fully booked out from 8am-7pm. This gave the brand the visibility it needed and generated a lot of sales for the high ticket product. What began as a dream is now a vision that has legs and momentum to grow even further.

How we did it


We designed and developed the fresh new website on Shopify. Great user experience, video content and lots of info on the product made buying from the site a no brainer.


We created the logo, the colours, the tone of voice, the art direction, all the visual touch points of the brand so that it’d look great wherever it was online

Video Editing

To ensure their ads were on point and more effective, we edited the videos to grab the attention of their target market and inspire them to take action


As a new brand it was very important for them to be ranking for their brand name, especially as we were promoting them a lot via Facebook Ads. Our SEO ensured that they were visible when people searched for them.

Facebook Campaig

The Facebook Campaign drove appointments by showcasing the product in an attention grabbing video ad. It led people into the chatbot sequence that got people booking at the pop-up shop.

Chatbot setup & sequencing

The chatbot sequence introduced people to the brand, explained what it offered and how it helped them and encouraged them to make a booking at the pop-up shop.

Automated follow up

After people booked their appointment it was important that they showed up. Enter the automated follow up sequence we set up which resulted in more show-ups.

Booking System

The booking system was a key component of the pop-up shop success. It allowed people who were interested to easily book an appointment and secure their place.

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