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“Thanks Manu and the team for all of your help. We are getting lots of new customers from the new booking system and marketing plan.”
Sarah from Grace Threading & Beauty

Relying on walk-ins meant inconsistent cash flow and staffing issues

With 8 salons across shopping centres in Brisbane, Grace Threading and Beauty were doing well enough. However, they were reliant on walk ins and had no control over how many people walked into their salon. This was problematic. Not only did it mean inconsistent revenue, it also led to staffing issues. Having too many staff on shift meant a lot of wasted money, and having too little staff meant the risk of giving poor customer service. There was always uncertainty around staffing and it was never clear how much cash flow would be generated from week to week.

A pipeline of customers and automated booking system solved their problems

We set up a Facebook Ad campaign and matched it with a booking system that gave automated reminders and follow ups. The Facebook Ads promoted an irresistible offer that was hard to resist (it’s generated 1300 enquiries so far!). The ads led customers to make an online booking, and the booking system was super easy for them to use.

The result? Hundreds of new customers, all booking themselves in for an appointment. The booking system sent automated reminders to prevent no-shows, and if someone did miss their appointment, there was follow up automation to encourage them to return. It meant staff never had to call or text to follow up, saving hundreds of hours a month.

Tried and tested solutions reduced the risk

Of course there’s always the risk that new systems won’t work and that a marketing campaign will be a dud. What really helped was that we’d done this many times before for other salons in the beauty industry. We installed the same booking system for many others and saw how smoothly it worked, we ran offers on Facebook with Facebook Ads and saw how effective they were. After working with others in the industry, we knew what generated results and rapidly implemented the winning solutions for Grace Threading and Beauty.

The business is performing like never before!

The difference is like night and day. They’re no longer reliant on walk ins - Facebook Ads give them a steady stream of customers booking themselves in. When the business is quiet, it’s simply a matter of increasing the ad spend and presto! More customers. When the business gets too busy, the ad spend just needs to be reduced. The business can now be operated with confidence and certainty.

The business runs smoother now where staff have their calendars booked and slots get filled automatically. The future’s looking bright for Grace Threading and Beauty!

How we did it

Setup their easy booking system

Their old system turned customers away. We set up a new system that was super easy for customers to use. It led to more bookings!

Setup and ran Facebook Campaigns

First we created an irresistible offer that got their target market running to book an appointment. Then we turbocharged it with targeted Facebook Ads which threw gas on the fire.

Setup and built automation

More customers means more admin right? Not with the automated follow ups we built. Customers showed up without staff needing to manually call and text, saving hundreds of hours each month.

Optimised their Google My Business profile

Google My Business profiles are one of the first things people see when Googling a business. Optimising it and improving it with photos and integrations led to more bookings.

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