Jokers Costume Mega Store

A massive halloween for Brisbane’s biggest costume shop


revenue from Halloween


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“Good to see our rankings going up and very pleased with the sales return. Thanks for your efforts Nuver Digital.”
Jokers Costume Mega Store

Big revenue targets, but no plan on how to achieve them

Based in Brisbane, Jokers Costume Mega Store were well known in the area and their retail store was doing well. They wanted to sell Australia wide and to a bigger audience. They knew there was less overhead by selling online and it would help them hit their revenue targets. They knew if they could sell Australia wide, their revenue targets would be hit, but they had no real plan or strategy on how to sell online.

Omni-channel marketing was the way

They had an online store, but weren’t doing any online marketing, which explained why they weren’t getting many sales from their site. We recommended an omni-channel marketing strategy. Rather than just use one marketing channel, use multiple online channels at the same time. SEO improved their rankings and got them ranking for lucrative keywords. Facebook Ads and Google Ads got buyers who wanted their product onto their site. Remarketing ads got people back to the site if they didn’t purchase. Email marketing ensured that there were no leaks in the online store and got people coming back to the store to buy.

Working with a partner with a track record of success

Omni channel marketing is a big feat to pull off, which is why Jokers Costume Mega Store decided to work with us. They wanted to work with one partner that could manage their SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ad and Email marketing and make them all work together in a seamless way.

We already had a track record of taking stores with minimal sales to six and seven figures. With this experience under our belt, we were able to partner with Jokers Costume Mega Store and help them achieve their revenue goals.

Revenue targets were smashed

After working with us, they hit their first six figure month and had a massive uplift in revenue from every single online channel they were on. Every single channel brought in profitable returns and revenue from each channel is growing. Looking at the store now, it’s hard to believe that when we started they were only making a handful of sales. Despite the results being remarkable, it’s not at all surprising. When you put solid online marketing behind quality products that people want, there’s only one place for revenue to go - and that is up!

How we did it


We improved their rankings for very lucrative keywords that had high search volume and buying intent. Once we researched and found these keywords, we added a lot of content to their site to give them that uplift for those keywords.

Google Ads

We promoted their products to people who were looking for them Australia wide. A key optimisation was setting up a smart shopping campaign with automated bidding which is a smart auction system that got them much better ROI.

Facebook Ads

We set up and ran a Facebook Ads funnel for them, which made them top of mind for people that wanted their costumes. Dynamic catalog campaigns meant people could see the products in the ad before clicking, which resulted in better results.

Email Marketing

We turned their email marketing into a revenue generating powerhouse by setting up crucial email flows that they were missing.This turned their email database into a gold mine that never lost a customer.

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