The Pod Cafe

Increased their monthly revenue and added new revenue streams

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“It’s great to have a team to support us and guide our marketing efforts.”
The Pod Cafe

More than a cafe

The Pod Cafe are more than just a cafe selling takeaway coffee. They have amazing chefs that can deliver delicious international cuisine. They have an online shop that sells custom made products. They have an excellent catering service and can cater to events both large and small. So when we started with them, we found it hard to believe that these amazing services were not on display for their local community.

Lack of marketing led to stagnation

They were based in a good location, in a good suburb in Brisbane, and walk-in customers were frequent, but the business was stagnating. Revenue wasn’t growing, but expenses were. They had a lot of excess capacity and expert chefs that weren’t being utilised. Lack of marketing meant that they weren’t moving anywhere.

Modern day marketing moved the needle quickly

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, chatbots, SEO and a new website design were all deployed to great effect. Google Ads got them new catering clients. Facebook Ads and chatbots led to booked out events, SEO got them ranking with more visitors and the website design got them more visibility for their services.

New revenue streams injected new life and vitality into the business

Things are better for The Pod now. All of their capabilities and services are being utilised… where before they weren’t utilised at all. Instead of struggling to get by on coffee sales alone now they can count on sold out events and catering. They’re more than just a cafe and the multiple revenue streams have turned a stagnant business into a fresh and lively one that has buzz and energy.

How we helped The Pod inject new life into their business

New revamped website

The new site is very user friendly and showcases their menu and delicious food. It has an easy checkout for their online shop and makes them look like a really great cafe to visit.

Google Ads

People who clicked the ads were taken to a landing page that positioned The Pod as an excellent caterer and made it very easy for them to make an enquiry.

SEO and Google Map Ranking

Getting into the top three rankings on Google Maps is extremely important for a local business as the top three are all that Google shows in Search. We got them there.

Facebook campaign + chatbots

The chatbot got people to book their table at the event with ease. The Facebook Ads got a large volume of people into the chatbot sequence which led to all events selling out.

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