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“The campaign is getting lots of enquiries and helping us to get new students for the business.”
Rise Education

No leads, no customers, no referrals

This is where Rise Education was when we first spoke. The owner had bought the business and it wasn’t going anywhere. They sold government funded childcare education and had a really valuable service, but no one knew they existed. Without this visibility, they simply weren’t getting any enquiries and weren’t making any money. They needed to generate enquiries as soon as possible otherwise the business would die.

Immediate traction with Facebook Ads

They needed to get enquiries very very soon. To generate that, we launched a Facebook Ad campaign with a very tight offer that was irresistible to their target market. This immediately brought in enquiries and cash flow. This took care of their short term needs. To reduce their reliance on paid advertising in the longer term we did SEO for them and ranked them for keywords that brought in traffic but weren’t competitive. With the SEO work that we did for them, they’re now outranking government websites, even ranking above TAFE!

Flexibility and frameworks were key

Rise Education didn’t have much ad spend to invest and needed a marketing partner that had strong processes and frameworks that would generate results. They decided to work with us as we offered that, and were able to offer a flexible service at a price they could afford. On our monthly website package, they didn’t have to pay any upfront cost, and with our marketing support, they were able to get enquiries right away.

Built a brand with real customers and real growth

Rise Education is a different business now. They’ve got a lot of students and have built their brand and credibility. Enquiries for their program come in every day and the government continues to support them as they’ve been able to prove they have student intake. They’re in a good place and are looking for new ways to grow their business. They’re definitely a business on the rise.

How we did it

Website Design

We designed and developed their fresh new website with our monthly website package. It made it very easy for them as there was no upfront fee that they had to pay.


We ranked them for keywords that brought in traffic but weren’t competitive. The SEO has been so strong they outrank TAFE!

Facebook Ads

Launching a Facebook Ad campaign, we promoted their offer which got them an immediate source of enquiries which converted into customers.

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