Xara Skin Clinic

From barely any customers to a famous booked out business (even during COVID)


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“Thanks for your help, it’s a great system. Customers book in automatically."
Xara Skin Clinic

Based in an inconvenient location with no walk ins

Xara Skin Clinic had state of the art machinery and offered premium service at a premium price. Their existing customers loved them and referred their friends to come over, which was great. BUT…. they weren’t doing any marketing, and their salon was a little out of the way. This meant they barely had any customers. With no visibility, they relied on word of mouth and SEO. Their website didn’t convert visits into enquiries, so they were in a really tough place.

Meeting the market and bringing them into their salon

The answer was to run Facebook Ads targeting their ideal customers in the local area. When people clicked the ad, they’d see an irresistible offer, book in their appointment and come to the salon. Before working with them, they were less known in the community. After working together, they had reached 60,000 people in the local area and skyrocketed their visibility.

Using a tried and tested system

The system we implemented for them was tried and tested with the many other clients we've worked with in the industry. Facebook Ads with an irresistible offer gets them visibility and bookings. An easy booking system gets customers booking in their appointments with ease. Automation gets people to attend their appointments and minimises no-shows. Once the system is installed it results in consistent and predictable customers and cash flow.

Now business is booming

Just eight months ago things were looking grim. No foot traffic, COVID restrictions, no marketing and no profit all pointed to rapid business failure. But with the Facebook Ads campaign and automation we set up for them, the future’s looking bright. They have more bookings than ever before, they’re a famous local brand and have been able to hire new staff members to grow the business.

How we did it

Booking System

The booking system was easy and intuitive to use. It meant customers could book in a time slot without needing to call in and make a booking. It led to more bookings!

Facebook Campaign

The campaign targeted their ideal customers in the local area and resulted in people booking in appointments. When Xara wants more bookings, it simply means increasing their ad spend.


The fresh and energetic videos we filmed and edited showed how Xara were the better choice. The videos resonated with their audience and led to a lot of bookings and enquiries.

Follow up automation

We set up follow up automation so Xara staff never had to manually follow up. Automated text and email reminders got customers signing up for their offer and coming in for their appointment.

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