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Stop wasting your hard earned money

There’s a traditional marketing quote that says "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

Does that apply to you? We’ve observed that many of our clients were spending money on Google Ads and Facebook Ads but getting nowhere near the returns they could be. Making sales yes, but without any consistency or predictability. In short - they were wasting their money.

Wasting your money on Google Ads and Facebook Ads is pretty easy because there are so many ways to do so. Here are several of the ways you can waste your money on Google Ads and Facebook Ads...

Target the wrong people. Use boring ad creative. Use the same ad creative over and over again. Never test and optimise your ad campaigns. Show the wrong ads at the wrong time and give marketing messages that are off target. Choose the wrong goals in the ad platform, so your ads optimise for the wrong goal. When you do these things, it’s not like Facebook or Google are going to tell you what you're doing wrong! They just send you more invoices and you’re left thinking Facebook Ads and Google Ads are overrated.

The core problem behind all of these mistakes are lack of frameworks and processes. There’s a word for that - guessing. And when you guess, you end up wasting money.

Stop guessing and start winning

Winning is selling more than you’ve ever sold before. Winning is when people rush to buy from your site and come back to buy some more. Winning is when your ads consistently, sustainably and predictably bring traffic to your website and convert that traffic into cold hard cash.

You win when you have a paid ads funnel that targets people at the right time, with the right creative, with the right message. Surprisingly few businesses do this, but the ones that do are eating the lion's share of profits and revenue.

Maximise the amount of free money you get from email marketing

Email marketing is POWERFUL. We’ve taken stores where email marketing accounted for 15% of their revenue, then after 30 days of working together it accounted for 40% of their revenue. That’s almost 3x the revenue with no extra ad spend. Nurturing your email list. results in past and prospective customers coming back to buy again and again. If you’re already doing email marketing, we’ll strategise on how to make it better and help you get even more return from it. If you haven’t started email marketing yet, you’ll be amazed at the gold mine you’ve been sitting on all this time.

Optimise for more traffic from Google

Imagine your website is ranking high on Google BUT it’s not contributing to any sales. Now imagine your site is ranking high on Google AND those keywords drive revenue. You don’t just want to rank on Google, you want those rankings to create business benefit. That’s what we focus on. Rather than getting lost in the vanity metrics, we focus on revenue generating SEO that moves the needle.

Our process to make your eCommerce business grow reliably and consistently

Deep dive

We’ll look at your data, analytics, target market, sales, competitors, customers, the channels you’re selling on and your existing funnel set up.


Based on the deep dive findings we'll map out your new funnel, map out the marketing angles, map out the audiences we want to test, and we'll map out the different campaigns of different target markets.


We’ll implement the plan we made for you and build out the funnel. We’ll start with the top of the funnel to acquire more customers, then work on the middle and bottom of the funnel so you can sell more to people who already know and like you.


Implementation is just the start. Optimization is where the acres of diamonds are made and found. We’ll continually improve and tweak the machine so that it performs better over time.

Infinity and beyond

We’ll go beyond optimizing what’s already working and strategise new ad creative and new audiences, so your business can grow even further.

The numbers speak for themselves


revenue in 4 months for a brand new Homeware store


return on advertising spend for a brand new Homeware store


return from email marketing for a Homeware store


return on Google spend for an online Costume shop

This all sounds really good, but I’ve got some questions

When can I expect results?

In some cases instantly, it depends on what your marketing systems look like and what stage of business you’re in. Generally speaking if your business is already selling products, we can scale you faster. If your business hasn’t got a validated product yet then it’ll take a little longer.

I’m already doing ads myself and getting pretty good results. Why do I need you?

You’re probably in the top 10% of business owners for getting to this level, which we commend you for. Most businesses don’t get to this point.
Now a question for you…. do you want your business to grow faster?

For your business to grow to the next level you need to bring in expert help and support.
It means getting a professional accountant instead of doing it yourself. It means hiring staff to pack and post your orders. It means hiring marketing specialists to take your marketing and your business to the next level and freeing up your time to focus and fix other bottlenecks in your business so it can grow faster.

What’s a funnel and how how does the funnel work?

A funnel guides your customers from first being aware you exist, to being interested in what you offer, to desiring what you offer and then purchasing what you offer.

We show different ads to different people, depending on what stage of the funnel they’re in. If people have never heard of you - we run a ‘cold audience’ campaign. If someone has heard of you and has visited your site, we run retargeting ads which remind them to come back to your store.

We have four different campaigns, one campaign for each step in the funnel, all with the goal to increase the number of people buying from your store.

How can I be sure you’re the right choice?

If you have a product that’s already selling, we can scale your business and help you sell more. It’s a science we’ve perfected with multiple clients and over multiple industries (check our case studies for detailed info). Members of our team have been offered jobs by Facebook and Google in recognition of their expertise.

The team is experienced after working at some of the top agencies in the world and recognised brand names. We have the experience, the expertise, the results and the passion for marketing that results in your e-commerce business growing reliably and consistently.

What makes you different from other agencies?

We’ve observed that other agencies are lazy. They charge a fat retainer, create a basic one step funnel then call it a day. The one step funnel works, but nowhere near as good as it could work (ie. leaving money on the table).

Without frameworks and methodology they’re just one step ahead of you, whereas we have proven frameworks and processes that have consistently and repeatedly worked for stores across multiple industries, verticals and product types.

We don’t use a one-size fits all approach (other agencies would call this inefficient) because we’ve found that what works for one industry doesn’t work for another.

We have specific frameworks for different stores and different products, methodologies that move the needle and create reliable and consistent revenue for your business.

Do you have any case studies or proof you can deliver?

We sure do! Check out our case studies page where you can see how we’ve helped businesses like yours. Here are some highlights:

  • Within the first 4 months of working with Classic Homeware and Gifts we drove an extra 223,000 visitors and over $224k additional Facebook Ads revenue.
  • We helped Jokers Costume Mega Store get a 5X return on Facebook Ad Spend and 8X return on Google Ad Spend.
  • We drove a 441% return on ad spend from Facebook ad campaigns and increased company revenue by 155% for a common household food products brand within three months of working with them.
What’s the process, how does it work?

Our five step process removes the guesswork and gets you making more revenue faster than you expect. It starts with a deep dive where we get super clear on what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing as well as understanding your competitors and your customers.

Then with these findings, we create a gameplan that will get you to where you want to be. We implement the gameplan and continually optimize it so that your marketing reliably and consistently grows your business.

Why work with us

Get consistent, sustainable and predictable revenue flow

Our proven frameworks and process get you here fast. We strip away the guesswork and narrow in on what will make your business grow consistently, sustainably and predictably.

Scale faster, and scale sooner

Skip the guesswork and the grunt work of doing it alone. Our expert team has done it before for businesses just like yours and generated massive return on investment for them.

Experienced in helping businesses like yours

We took one business to $224k revenue after building their website from scratch. We helped another business achieve their first 6 figure sales month with 5X return on Facebook Ad Spend and 8X return on Google Ad Spend.

Get your own marketing team without the price tag

Getting an in-house marketing team would cost you upwards of $500k a year, and that doesn’t include ad spend. When you work with us, you get marketing specialists for a fraction of the price and all of the results. 

Get actionable recommendations to move the needle in your business

Fill in the form and we’ll audit your online presence - from your website, to your social media, to the ads you’ve got running at the moment. Then we’ll give you actionable recommendations that will move the needle and bring in more revenue for your business.

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