Get high quality buyers that want what you’re selling

by being visible on social media

You're in good company

Social can’t be ignored anymore

There was a time when social media was young, the new thing on the block. That was over ten years ago. Now social media is embedded into our lives and almost everyone on the planet has a social media account and is active on social media. It’s not just for entertainment either - today’s modern day consumer uses social media in their decision making process when choosing which business to buy from.

It’s simply part of the due diligence process. When a business has an active social media account, it signals that they’re thriving and believe in their product or service. This is what a prospect wants to see. It assures them that the business is legitimate and that it’s safe to work with them.

Are you helping your competitors?

Simply put - if you’re not active on social media and promoting your products or services there, you’re giving your competitors the advantage. When a prospect is considering which business to buy from - all things being equal, they’re more likely to buy from the business that has an active social media account than the one that doesn’t. Not being active on social media is giving your competitors an edge over you.

Get seen, be visible and make more money

The answer is to get in the game. Get your business onto social media and post content that engages your audience, tells your brand's story and positions you as an authority, so you’re more attractive to potential customers. A great example of this is one of our clients that sells scaffolding. They wanted more corporate accounts ('boring’ right?) and we helped them do just that.

We created highly engaging videos for them to share on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These videos were filmed across multiple locations and made them look like the credible business that they were. The result was winning massive commercial accounts. Their social media presence was the edge that they used to win over their competitors who didn’t have one.

Get compounding benefits by pairing organic social media content with paid traffic

Social media posts work even better when you have Google Ads and Facebook Ads running. The paid traffic instantly gets you more visibility, and the social media posts are there for when people research you and look your business up.

Our process to get you visible on social media to drive sales

Deep dive into your business

The first step to success is understanding your tone of voice, your target market and your competitors. This way we know what content works in your industry.

Build your brand presence

With the insights, we’ll make the style guide that will have your tone of voice and set the colours, fonts and style for all the posts, so your brand presence is consistent.

Create stand out content

We’ll then create content that stands out, looks amazing and showcases your brand. We’ll make sure it’s engaging and fits the profiles you’re posting to.

Build your following

With consistent content, we’ll build your following, build brand credibility and engage with your audience to drive more people to your business.

The results speak for themselves


more high quality followers for Hair extensions brand


new high quality followers for Pie shop


increase in social media enquiries for Hair salon


increase in social media enquiries for Brunch cafe

Sounds good, I’ve got some questions

Why do I need social media?

There are plenty of reasons! Your target market spends time there, and looking at a business on social media is part of the decision making process. If you’re not on social media, your customers simply aren’t considering you. It’s hard for you to compete or compare with the businesses that are active on social media, and are posting consistently, and engaging with your target market. Not being on social media means you’re missing out on quality customers that would want to buy from you.

How often are you going to post for me?

This can vary from several times a week to once a week… it depends on your audience, the channel you’re posting to and the content that’s being posted. For example, video content is going to be posted less frequently because it costs more to produce, and a little goes a long way. Your audience may also expect higher quality content and be ok with seeing it less frequently. It also depends on what package you’re on - the more resources we have, the more we can dedicate to making content.

What channel are you going to be using?

Usually we’ll use Facebook and Instagram for e-commerce businesses and Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business for local businesses. We can also post to Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. When we do a deep dive on your business and create a social media strategy, we’ll identify the best platforms for your business to be active on.

Will I get more inquiries from the service?

Definitely! Your target market is already spending time on social media, and looking at your business, and your competitors, to evaluate who to work with. By being active on social media, building a relationship with your target market and sharing content that is relevant to them, people will see you as an authority and want to work with you.

I can just do it myself can’t I?

You definitely can and in fact, we recommend that you do, because you know your business best. However if you’re struggling to put in the time and effort to create high quality content, post the content and maintain engagement with your audience, then that’s where we come in. We can support you with your social media presence and help you use it to its full potential, so your business can benefit from it.

Do I need a social media strategy?

Yes you do. If you wing it, and just post whatever and whenever, you can’t expect to see results. But, when thought and effort has been put into identifying your target market, seeing what content resonates with them, and creating content that engages your audience, and posting on a frequent basis… that’s when you see results.

Why work with us on your social media

Start seeing results in weeks

Within a couple of weeks, your social media profiles will look amazing, you’ll have more credibility and your prospects will see your content.

We go beyond stock content

Stock content is fairly generic and used by many other businesses. That’s why we have designers and photographers who’ll make posts that resonate with your target market.

Our approach works

From the scaffolding company that acquired corporate accounts after working with us, to the Pie shop that achieved a 5X ROI, our approach gets results that are beyond typical.

Get your own production team

Part of what makes social media really hard to do by yourself is the volume of high quality content that needs to be made. With our production team at your disposal, we’ll do it for you!

Get actionable recommendations to move the needle in your business

Fill in the form and we’ll audit your online presence - from your website, to your social media, to the ads you’ve got running at the moment. Then we’ll give you actionable recommendations that will move the needle and bring in more revenue for your business.

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